• The Terrace

    Terrace Bar
  • You might get an inkling as you drive up the lengthy approach, but take one step onto the terrace at the Park Hyatt and you'll immediately see why it trumps all other hotels this side of town in terms of location. Parked right on the Creek, with a view of the Marina where a fair few disgruntled millionaires own moorings (which the majority bought before they erected the 'floating' bridge, effectively trapping their water-bourne palaces for most of the week) it's an oasis of calm. This largely outdoor bar has an air of Miami, with roomy cream sofas under appropriately sail-shaped awnings - and if you don't manage to grab one of those, there's always a table on the expansive decking. Wine and Champagne are the order of the day, and the food a few notches up from standard bar snacks - oysters, caviar and fat prawns sit atop ice chips at the glass-walled indoor bar.

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