• Rock Bottom

    Dive Bar
  • Rock Bottom is a bar with its own kebab stall for erm, Bottom feeders. Need I go on? Actually, I better had as, for all this pool-bar-cum-boozer-cum-schwarma stand gets knocked, it is the stealth favourite of many an after-hours party lover. It's actually not a bad place to stop off for a more sober steak and chips during the day even though it quite closely resembles a suburban Harvester, complete with chequered tablecloths and sticky carpets, but it's after dark that it really gets down and dirty. Some might say it's a bit of a pick up joint, and it's difficult to argue, but that's more because by the time everyone - and here that means Hell's Angels, media whores, sailors, daddy's little girls and anyone else who stumbles in - has tucked into a few of their signature Bullfrogs (basically a top shelf with added Red Bull - yum) they're in a great mood and up dancing to the rebel rousing nightly band.

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